Summer is on its way with warmer temperatures, making it crucial to prepare with regular AC maintenance. Once the heat intensifies, the significance of keeping your AC in top shape becomes undeniable.

The more time you wait to schedule an HVAC tune-up, the stronger the chances your cooling may struggle during the hottest part of summer. As you can imagine, these homeowners may be facing blistering heat without relief, should their system fail.

Don’t wait for the heat to become unbearable before starting up with AC maintenance. The comfort specialists at Stephen Hurst Pack Heating and Cooling don’t want you putting yourself at risk for breakdowns and discomfort. Interested in learning more? We’re here to explain the risks that come with skipping summer AC maintenance in Circleville.

Ensuring Your Comfort with Summer AC Maintenance

For a summer full of comfort and efficiency, don’t skip on the AC maintenance. We recommend giving us a call for AC maintenance appointment early, around late spring. This allows technicians to finish up before the busy season starts begins. Just how regular maintenance helps avoid problems, being proactive with making the appointment helps ensure the shortest waiting times.

Essentials for a Summer AC Maintenance Tune-Up

As part of our air conditioning maintenance in Circleville, technicians will complete a thorough inspection and cleaning to maximize system performance. While particular things they do may change based on the make and model, certain tasks are typically always included.

Inspecting possible coolant leaks or damaged drainage lines never hurts, as the refrigerant system is vital during the cooling season and hidden issues could lead to premature failure. We’ll also inspect all key components for signs of wear and tear, to reduce the risk of more damage but also increases your air conditioning’s energy efficiency.

The Value of HVAC Maintenance Plans for Summer AC Care

Regular AC maintenance is valuable, but it’s particularly effective when included in a quality HVAC maintenance plan. Stephen Hurst Pack Heating and Cooling's maintenance plans ensure that summer AC maintenance is a top priority, providing peace of mind and high standards of service when you need them most.

Furthermore, maintenance plan members can access many other benefits, such as exclusive discounts and priority service. With consistent upkeep even extending your air conditioner’s life span, the value of such plans are more than clear.

The Downsides of Skipping Your AC's Summer Tune-Up

Ignoring regular AC maintenance won’t cause problems right away, but an unmaintained AC is exposed to several issues that can negatively affect your summer comfort, including:

Increased Utility Bills: A poorly maintained AC system consumes more power, leading to higher monthly utility bills. These costs can really sting during the peak of summer.

Higher Frequency of Repairs: Already vulnerable, older systems become even more prone to issues. Without routine maintenance, your AC could require repairs with increased frequency.

Loss in Performance: Wear and tear on components can lower the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, diminishing your comfort levels.

Voiding the System’s Warranty: Manufacturers often void warranties when simple maintenance tasks are ignored. This leaves you fully responsible for any repairs.

Potential for Overheating and Fires: Last year’s dust and debris can be a fire hazard in extremely hot and dry conditions. This not only puts your air conditioning at risk of overheating but could also lead to an electrical fire or damaged wiring.

Protect Your Summer Fun with AC Maintenance from Stephen Hurst Pack Heating and Cooling

Why postpone until the last minute? Scheduling your summer AC maintenance with Stephen Hurst Pack Heating and Cooling feels like starting summer early. Contact us at 740-474-5940 for all the details you need about our comprehensive AC maintenance in Circleville.

And to get the best out of this season, don't forget about our HVAC maintenance plan! You don’t need to wait for summer to end to start experiencing the benefits. Call today at 740-474-5940.